Aloha skin missing on Linux

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I play the native Linux version from Steam, I also own all DLC, including the skins. However, one skin, the Aloha skin, does not appear in game. I have double checked that I do in fact own it. The skin DLC also does not appear when I right click the game in my Steam library and view DLC. I suspect you may simply have forgotten to enable this particular skin DLC for the Linux platform.

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Satisfaction mark by Daerandin 7 years ago

Exceptionally quick reply, and fast resolution.

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Daerandin,

We're out of the office at the moment so we can't run any tests but we've made some changes on the Steam Backend. Please restart your steam in the next hour and try it again, hopefully it'll work if not we'll look into it further tomorrow. Please let us know how you get on in any case.




Thanks for the amazingly fast reply. I gave it a try, and it's working now. Thanks a lot!

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Looks like it was just a failure to tick Linux compatibility, glad to see it's sorted now!