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Crash on Start up - Ubuntu 14.04 ATI

victor 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3


just installed the game.

Black screen and then crash, no logo/loading bar


Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit

Radeon 7600M

attached the Player.log


Player.log (with sudo)

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Hey Victor,

I'm sorry to hear that the game is crashing, it looks like the crash is occurring with your video drivers, could I get you to try and reinstall them?

I also hate to be the bearer of bad news but I've just had a closer look at your GPU and it looks like it falls far below minimum spec. As you can see here http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+7600M+%2B+7600M+Dual your GPU scores on average 773 points on the PassMark benchmark. 

Unfortunately War For the Overworld requires a minimum score of 1500 on the PassMark benchmark to run the game, as stated in our System Requirements. There's nothing we can really do to fix it other than recommending that you attempt to run in the absolute lowest video settings. I hope that you can fix some way to enjoy the game, or an alternative machine to play on.

You may be able to play if you can sort your drivers but we can't guarantee it due to the severe difference between your machine and the requirements.


thank you for looking into it.

I switched to the open source drivers and it did load the game, at least the main menu :)

I tried to change the graphics settings but the framerate was one frame per 2 minutes or so..

I do understand that you have minimum system requirements for the game and optimising performance is not the most fun part of development.. thats all fine, but this graphic card is not fully useless, just old and weak, especially compared to current ones, but it even supports tesselation shader (GLSL version 400)! :)   (and most games of that class do run on low graphic settings..)

Thus I would expect to at least be able to navigate the main menu.. a little disapointing that this was not possible :/

I am not convinced by the design decision to load up so much content in the background of the main menu..

Same thing with crashing drivers, a fallback menu would have been nice.

I don't expect anything, just wanted to give feedback :)

I will have to wait for another opportunity to play the game.

best regards,


We are actually currently optimising that scene, expect it to change in an update later this week. You are also able to change video setting in the text file in the games install folder, but I cannot guarantee that this will solve much for you as the game itself will run as bad as the main menu once you get to the later levels.

Best of luck trying to play!