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Impossible to start standard Campaign

Federico 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 3

I just bought the bundle game pack from steam, but I can only start the Heart of Gold campaign, not the original one. It is not letting me click beyond the "select campign" step. I tried resetting the campaign progress (even if this was the first time ever I started the game), to no avail. What should I do?

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Ok I found out! I had to click on the left side of the map. Completely not intuitive. Also, I don't know how to close this bug :-)

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Hi Federico,

Quickly dropping in as I'm out of office.

Sorry to hear you're having issues. Just to confirm you're not on OS X are you? If so then you're likely suffering from OS X Cannot Start Campaign (v1.5.0+).

If that's not the case then can you describe exactly what is happening when you click to select the campaign? Do you see the campaign map presented in front of you?



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Ah I see, yes it can be difficult to locate at first, the map area you're to click should always be highlighted. I'll close the ticket for you :)