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blade lotus shield hardly to see during posession of eternal titan

Puh 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

I was playing pet dungeon level 8. I was posessing an eternal titan to reach the door were lots of bombards, bone chiller and blade lotus are inside. When attacking blade lotus the health shield of blade lotus was hardly to see. I tried to look up but you can only see it when using attack focus of blade lotus. It's just a minor thing, but would be very nice to see this fixed (if possible at all) in posession. At least I saw the health state in the displayed tooltip. Maybe relevant:

I am playing at 2160p, Shield Visibility: Default, HUD Scale: 100%, Unit and Defence Shield Scale: 200%.

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Steam Public

Hey Puh,

We will look into this again when we start work on the next big update. Thanks for the report. We may be able to move the ui element down when in possession

Should be slightly improved

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Completed - Resolved