Creature Possesion Tweaks

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One of the things i used to love about DK1 was the possesion of creatures. I remember running around for hours as an imp just breaking down walls because i could. Something about possessing the creatures really made it feel like i was inside my dungeon. In DK2 and And WFTO i found this extremely lacking...

My suggestions for what could possibly make it feel more emmersive:


1. Add a third axis of movement to flying creatures. Nothing is more frustrating than being inside a "flying" creature and not feel like you're flying.

2. Increase view distance of some of the creatures, especially workers...There are few moments i remember as clearly as looking down the long corridor of dug out earth that had been made or entering the large chambers of dug out rooms and looking up to see their ceiling so far away. I realise that the dungeon is dark, but with their big black eyes, surely the workers can at least see well in the dark?

3. Reconsider the POV in some of the creatures. I really like what has been done for most of the creatures(shadow really cool) to make each one feel unique but in some cases it gets really silly. For instance the helmet-wearing creatures. A sublte reference to the helmet around the extreme edges of the screen would be better than feeling like your eyes are at the back of the helmet...the sentinals are really bad which is sad because they have such a cool goldend perspective on the world.

4. Let my possessed minion hurt my other minions!...Few things were as fun as randomly hurtling those screaming tomatoes at my other minions and watching them flinch. The point is, it made possession of the creature feel more real. Its actions had a consequence in the world and actually did something...

5. (Related to above) Let me use the basic attack whether theres an enemy in front of me or not. If i wanna mindlessy swing my creature's sword around please just let me.

These are just my thoughts on the matter...I realise that possession isnt really a major aspect of the game for most players but for me it always was...A main meal can be great but a bad side dish will always take away from it...

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Hey Eversmile,

I'm really sorry that you were disappointed by the possession mode. I will look to make these changes, especially the view distance and let you know how it goes.

Eversmile Convert

I appreciate that you even consider my sugesstions let alone implement them but it is awesome to have a Developement team that actually cares about customer service/opinion. You guys have done a great job already and I look forward to future content!

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hi Eversmile Convert,

I wanted to drop into this ticket to say we truly appreciate your input and a lot of these were very solid suggestions on how to improve the feel of the possession feature. Unfortunately as things have fallen and after careful investigation we've determined the time that would be required to address these issues would not be well spent in our pursuit of Patch 2.0.

We were hoping that with some of our spare time we could afford to look into and implement at least a few of these but sadly it is not to be. Although we could technically keep this ticket open indefinitely we didn't want to offer false hope towards the potential for these to make it into a future release, as right now we are looking towards Patch 2.0 as the final major release of WFTO.

With all that said possession is a feature I'm sure we would want to revisit in any potential sequel so if one day we were to work on a WFTO 2 then we would definitely be looking at a few of these suggestions on where to take this feature in the future.

I apologize that we will not be able to complete this ticket and once again I'd like to reiterate that we appreciate your feedback.



Eversmile Convert

I really appreciate the feedback! Looking forward to patch 2.0!