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Crash and restart a minute after launch

antonahill 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 7

HI team,

I just purchased (a few days ago) the game for Steam on Windows. It launches just fine, but then at the main menu (or options screen) after only a few seconds, it restarts my computer.

I've taken every documented step on crash troubleshooting including restarting my computer, verifying game files on Steam, and re-installing the game. Nothing's worked.

Windows 10 Home

Version 1703

OD Build 15063.413

Processor INtel Core i5-4590


System Type 64-bit

Game Current Content Build ID 1928336




Game Version:
Steam Public

Hi team,

Apologies for not including the video card info.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760


Pending Customer

Hey antonahill,

I'm really sorry to hear that you're having such a severe issue, there's no way that WFTO would be directly responsible for a system crash. I'll try and help you debug but there is only so much I can do as we cannot fully support issues in our users Operating Systems.

First of all can you be a bit more descriptive about the crash? Does the machine suddenly lose power? Or is it a Bluescreen? What exactly happens?

Are you able to check the Windows System logs to see if that shows the exact cause? Have you recently changed any hardware in your machine?

Please get back to me and I'll try and see if we can get to the bottom of this.

Hi Cian,

I'm not sure how to better describe the crash/restart. I start the game and after only a few seconds, my computer restarts. No power loss. No Bluescreen. It just restarts.

I'll have to check system logs when I get home. Please forgive, but this is the first PC I've owned in a VERY long time, so what may seem elementary for your team is probably going to be a revelation to me. :) No, I've not changed hardware. The computer is a brand-new build.


No worries. This is definitely sounding like an issue with your PC. It may be worth contacting the support of your PC's reseller support if you purchased it from a reseller.

I'll still take a look at the logs once you get them to me

I'll reach out to the reseller. Thanks!

Completed - Resolved

I'll mark this as done for now, let us know if it's still an issue after working with the reseller

Sounds good. I'll get logs to this board as soon as possible. Thanks!