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What happend???

Pergo 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3

I played the game ½ a year ago. AI was great no major bugs and the animations was fluid...

No i return after buying it for my friend... AI broken can't even build a door. Animations buggy and sometimes the minions disappear and the general game just wont work properly...

Did you hire a new coder or???

I understand that you guys my be under some pressure or something but please take a look into this.


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Hey Pergo,

I'm sorry that you are having difficulty playing the game, the development team is mostly the same since you last played ;).

I guess you are referring to Multiplayer as you said your friend now owns the game? Could you be a bit more descriptive about what you're experiencing, what specifically isn't working, could you maybe even take some screenshots or a short video?

Multiplayer does have some small known issues but nothing on the scale you mention, I'd love to be able to fix this for you.

Hey Pergo, 

If I don't hear back soon I will have to close the ticket

Completed - Resolved