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Windows 10 x64 game won't start after splashscreen

Семён Соболев 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 6

Hello. I'm using Windows 10 x64 Corp.

I can't run Steam game. :( I can see a splash screen, but ther I get an error 0xc0000005 with WFTOGame.exe. (v

Hardware Config: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/x0gUoQDVgLjvzhpbNfOhrKP

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt


Would be thankful for any help.

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hey Семён,

Could you please follow our General Crash Troubleshooting guide and let us know if that fixes it for you.

I've read and tryed to follow crash troubleshoot instructions before submitting this help post. Nothing didn't help me.

I don't have AVG antivirus, only standart windows 10 security software. I don't use USB headset. I've tryed veryfying steam cache and reinstalling a game.

After game reinstall I see crash after splash screen and error with WFTOGame.exe.

I don't know how can I reinstall .NET in windows 10, but system integrity seemes to be ok.

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Where are you seeing the error that you have mentioned in your ticket?

Could you please try and launch the game again and attach a log from that attempt as the current one seems to have failed to log anything.

To reinstall .NET go to control panel and then "Uninstall a program", once there you can uninstall all .NET packages. Once you have done that please verify game cache through Steam. This should reinstall the packages.

I'm unsure about your system specs due to speccy listing generic results. But it seems that you may be far below the System Requirements. I'd urge you to run the PassMark benchmark and ensure that you can score above 1500 points.

I've found this error code in Windows system journal. Here it is: game_error_syslog.txt , but in russian. 

Fresh logs again


War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

I'm afraid logs don't have anything useful this time too. :(

Game launch looks like these two steps:



I didn't find .NET in installed applications. I think .NET is now a part of operating system in Windows 10, so you even can't remove it.

sfc /scannow finished with no errors.

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I've done some research on your system specs and it looks like you just dont have the power required to run the game. As you can see here https://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-HD-Graphics-500.182723.0.html the graphics chip in your laptop cannot really run any games. That mixed with your PC's lack of apparent compatibility is likely why you cannot start the game.

I would recommend attempting to install .NET as it is still not built into Windows and if you cannot see it then you do not have it on your machine. Other than that I'm unsure what to suggest as you just do not have the required power stated in our System Requirements.

Then I think it's OK to close this issue. :) I'll give it a try on another machine. Thanks for help, Cian!