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Mission 13 drawbridge invisible wall (GOG Galaxy v1.6.2f3)

OldEnt 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

Minions are unable to cross the wall once it's lowered. I know it is used to be a common bug. Can provide save file. Cheers.

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GOG Galaxy
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Hey OldEnt,

Thanks for the report, I'll have a look at the save files and see if I can replicate.

Completed - Resolved

So I cannot recreate the issue but I can see it in your save file, I've set the developer imps loose on the issue to make sure no one else has to suffer through the horrors of a faulty drawbridge. I can offer a stopgap solution so you can finish the level in the meantime. 

If you press Scroll Lock you will open the debug console, type "GreatStuff" and then "spelltile tile_claimed 1". You will now have a spell in you hand that allows you to place a claimed empire tile, use this to create a path into the throne room so you can defeat Lucius and win your War for the Overworld!

Expect the level to be patched up in the next update.

Good day. I was able to finish to finish the level over the weekend when my vampire, bafu and titan somehow managed to cross the bridge. Still, the solution above looks more practical and might be useful for few people. Thank you for your quick response and for this great game. Having a lot of fun!