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Users of the Russian community found 2 errors.
This is the description of the second error.

Our goal is to get the achievements necessary to get the Korvek theme.
That is, it is necessary to defeat all computer opponents on the official Skirmish map at Master's difficulty level.

Description of the error. If you choose the Russian community translation (my) - (regardless of the chosen official language) and defeat the opponent, you can not get an achievement.
If you choose English or Russian as the official language and do not use the community translation, you can get an achievement.

The error is present in the Steam-version (my friend checked, used the same translation - and on the GOG-version (I checked it myself).

There is a solution - to make save before attacking the enemy's dungeon's core. Exit the game, change the language, then load the save, defeat the enemy and get an achievement.

In the previous version of the game (1.5.x), these problems were not observed - I got all the achievements to get the Korvek theme using my translation.

But since then the community translation file has changed (and the game itself too).

This is a more sad bug than the first, described here (, because the Russian community often uses a community translation, rather than an official not supported.

Perhaps this problem exists with any translation of the community (not just mine), I have no data.

Perhaps the problem is in the file itself (content), but then I would like take help from the developers. I strictly translated everything, I did not add unnecessary lines and received such a sad result. Can something be added to the community translation file or deleted to resolve problem??

I have a save for the GOG-version - I made them before the attack of Kasita dungeon's core. After loading within a minute the victory is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, I already received an achievement for the victory over Kasita in the GOG-version while preparing this ticket. And now I need to somehow reset the state of achievement in order to investigate this problem further (play 7 more times from the very beginning for bugreport a little unproductively :)).

Game Version:
GOG Galaxy

I did not find how to reset achievements in the GOG.

I spent another try.
I installed my very old translation (for December 2016) and got an achievement with it.

Apparently this is some kind of data in the translation file.

I have 6 attempts left before I get all the achievements for winning various AIs in the GOG.

I remembered that on the Steam-version in the debugging window a message is written about getting the achievement. It will be necessary to try this method.


The debugging window of the Steam-version of the game helped.
I'll write the result when I find an error.

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I'll have a look into this and see if I can track down the issue. We definitely want to fix this asap


At the moment I think that this is some incorrect data in my translation file.


Oh my God!!!

The problem in these lines is:

common_names_oberon,Оберон,Oberon,Do not localise - name

common_names_marcus,Маркус,Marcus,Do not localise - name
common_names_rhaskos,Раскос,Rhaskos,Do not localise - name
common_names_mira,Мира,Mira,Do not localise - name
common_names_draven,Дравен,Draven,Do not localise - name
common_names_kasita,Касита,Kasita,Do not localise - name
common_names_korvek,Корвек,Korvek,Do not localise - name
common_names_steven_fright,Стивен Фрайт,Steven Fright,Do not localise - name
common_names_the_enemy,Враг,The Enemy,Generic enemy faction
common_names_house_magnanimous,Дом Великодушия,House Magnanimous,"Do not localise ""Magnanimous"" (family name)"

Where "Оберон" is Oberon, written in Russian, etc.

If you delete the lines with the names of computer players, you can get achievements for the victory over them (сhecked by entries in the Debug Console for the Steam-version of the game). 

I think that you identify the objects by their names. It is not right! Identify objects by their numeric identifiers. Names can not be compared - they can be localized or changed somehow.

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We have improved our approach to tracking these achievements, it should be sorted next patch.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Completed - Resolved