Translation breaks the game 1

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Users of the Russian community found 2 errors.

This is the description of the first error.

Step actions:

1. Select the official translation - Russian (from the developers). Do not use community translation.

2. Start the game in Crucible mode. You can see that you can not take the creatures in hand, you can not build anything, the window of the minimap is black.

If you choose the Russian translation of the community (my) - regardless of the primary language - Russian or English, everything is working fine.

I understand that the official Russian translation is not supported (if there is a supported translation from the community), so I simply report on such strange behavior.

Game Version:
Steam Public
  • Completed - Next Patch

Hey Александр,

I had a look, it looks like one of the translated lines was corrupted, which prevented the game from fully loading. We've correct the line so it should now load as intended after the next hotfix.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Completed - Resolved