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GOG 1.6.2f2 not saving My Pet Dungeon progress

kitten butler 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 3

Just bought the game on GOG. Running under Mac OS 10.11.6.

The game runs fine while playing. When I complete a "My Pet Dungeon" level, it allows me to progress to the next level. But if I close the game and then reopen, all MPD progress is lost and I have to start at the beginning.

Possibly related: I am unable to load save games in campaign mode. I can create them, but when I select them from the menu and hit "load", nothing happens. However, it does register completed levels in campaign mode - although I can't restore from within a level, it doesn't take me back to the beginning of the campaign.

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Hey kitten,

Sorry to hear that you can't progress in MPD. Could you please update to v1.6.2f3 and try again with both the MPD progress and the loading issue?

That seems to have fixed both issues, thanks!

(not an actual kitten, just the butler to a kitten :-)

Completed - Resolved

Damn, well I guess I gave you a slight promotion then.

Glad to hear you're up and running, now go forth and build what your dark heart desires