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Game freeze & crash cuz of massive RAM usage

solonlia 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

I bought Pet Dungeon DLC recently, and it seems to be using up all 16G of my RAM while playing.

This problem didn't occur before the newest DLC, and it didn't take that much of CPU process, so I guess there is a serious bug in the new DLC.

I was running it on I7 4790K, GTX 980Ti, 16G RAM desktop, which should not have any problem with this game, so please fix it ASAP, it is painful to build up a game then just crashes it.

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Steam Public

One more thing, with MPD DLC downloaded, the normal campaign game takes much larger RAM usage than usual, but it wasn't as bad as MPD campaign. Still, a fix and better optimization will make much better game experience.

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Hey solonlia,

Could I get you to read our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket knowledgebase article and follow the part related to submitting an output log from a session where this was an issue. 

There should also be a folder with the name being the date of the crash, if you could also link those then I will be able to look into this for you.

I'm sorry that may not be possible for this case because I basically have to terminate the game using windows task manager, therefore there were no output logs.  As the date, it happened from Jun 20 to Jun 22, 2017, as far as I know. 

Hey solonlia,

There will still be an output log present, no matter how you closed the game. Please attach it to this ticket

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Hey Solonlia,

Due to a lack of response we are going to close the ticket as we cannot follow this further. If you post back here we can reopen the ticket.