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Cannot load games either (despite 1.6.2f3)

SDFGHJ 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 10
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Hey Marcus, 

Could you please link your output log here

Your output log seems to state that you are currently on v1.6.2f2. Could you please try updating again and verify again on v1.6.2f3

Oh, you are right - I still use v1.6.2f2. Sry.

No worries, get back to us with the result post update

Installing over the old installation did not help, so I deinstalled everything and reinstalled. Now, I can load games, but all progress is lost.

Are there console commands to get back to lvl 11?

You really locked debug behind pass?! Did not help, pass is XXXXXXXX.

Completed - Resolved

The password is there to make it clear that we don't support the debug console. If you deleted your progress during the uninstall then the best thing to do is to use "winlevel" on each level up to C11.