Buttons get outside the screen when entering the main menu ingame, with higher UI size (giving trouble in things like saving a new save)

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Hi! I would like to report an easy to reproduce "bug".

The game has an option to increase the UI size, which is awesome, because it let us people who play far from the screen (like on a TV) to actually see clearly the UI. There´s no problem with the increased UI while playing, but it generates a problem with the main menu (the one with the save/load/options/exit etc options) ingame: The bottom buttons get unreachable, as they end outside the screen. That renders some options (like saving a new saved game) impossible, unless you change the UI size to be smaller, press the button, and then you can change the UI size again.

To reproduce the problem, just start a new game with 125% UI size, press ESC to open the main menu, and go to the Save option. The Save and cancel buttons won´t be there.

I suppose this problem has two easy fixes:

1) Don´t let the UI size affect the main menu ingame, just like it doesn´t affect the main menu before starting a game. That would render the buttons correctly, but just at 100% size always.

2) Boxes of that main menu should have a limited vertical size, with scrollbars if the content is higher than that size. That way, buttons could always render correctly below them and the menu could resize correctly.

Both of them would be OK for me.

Thanks in advance for such an awesome game, and please, tell me if you need anything more about this problem!

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Hey dantero,

The UI is one of those things that the whole team isn't really happy with so we are going to rework it as part of our next major patch.

I'll make sure that this is taken into consideration when we do so. As you've said yourself, there are simple solutions so we should be able to prevent it.

In the meantime you should be able to bind a save hotkey in the settings so you don't have to faff about to save each time.


Thanks for the quick answer, Cian! I didn't know I could bind hotkeys, so it will totally work for me meanwhile :)

Good luck with the UI revamp!

Scott Richmond Programmer & Producer
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Unfortunately after reviewing this issue with the Code Team today this issue is not going to see a fix within the remaining development of WFTO. There's a number of reasons for this but primarily it's simply a matter of resources spent vs value of fix, we're not entirely sure as to the cause of this issue but one thing is sure; the issue is deeply ingrained and to resolve it would require considerable resources that unfortunately will not be available to us moving forwards compared to spending our resources on other higher priority issues or new features.

We didn't want to leave this in limbo so as such we're now going to close this ticket as not fixable.

We know it's not desirable for issues like these to remain in game and we want to always endeavor to ensure that player experience is the best it can be. But realistically there are some issues which we won't be able to address so we want to ensure that expectations from our community align with that.

Thanks for the report and I apologize that we will not be fixing this issue. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions.