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load button does not working

mirko-heidler 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

hey im mirkothegamer184 from gog i give you the requested logoutput_log.txt

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Hey mirko,

It looks like theres a corrupt save file that might be causing this issue, could you go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps\Saves and remove all the files in there. I would recommend making a backup of the folder first so you don't lose your progress.

Once you've done that open the game and try again

Hi Mirko,

Thanks for providing this log, we'll have someone take a look at it. Just to check though did you try to interact with the load button when this log was created (it is created when the game is loaded, and completed when it closes) just to make sure if there's an error it might show up here.

In addition can I ask you to walk us through what happened in the leadup to this issue? DId you create a save game if so what map was the save from, what was the name of the save file? If possible can you upload the save to us here, if I'm not mistaken you'll find it at:

GOG Games/War for the Overworld/GameData/Maps/Saves it'll be named something like map_{gamemode}_{number of players}_{Map Name}_name_{Number}



Completed - Resolved

We've pushed a hotfix for this to both Steam and GOG, our tests seem to indicate that it works but we'll look forward to confirmation from you.

Please note that GOG Galaxy patches are pushed out almost immediately but installer versions can take some time before a new installer is available. 1-3 working days, depending on how busy the GOG team are I believe.

Hey thanks for your help like i wrote on the Gog Forum im waiting for the patch to getting online and available  for non Goggalaxyuser but im sure the hotfix is solving the Problem.