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Blood Money is broken. It does not turn prisoners to gold, just moves them out of prison.

erikecklund99 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4
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Same. Today (patch 1.6.2 public release, 6/14/17) seems to have broken Blood Money for me-- It moves the units out of the prison and renders them inactive, though occasionally my own minions will be able to attack them and put them back into the prison. Verified integrity, restarted computer, etc, same problem in all modes.

Thanks for the report !
I had a look into it and I just found the culprit.
Expect a hotfix very soon : )

Completed - Next Patch

The fix is currently in testing, if all's well it'll be with you by lunch

Completed - Resolved

The patch has now been live for a few days, sorry for the slow response closing this ticket