Difficulty clicking on the correct object

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Fireeye 7 years ago 3

I think the screenshot below will be sufficient:

Image 99

I'm clearly pointing to the corpse but the game still picks the dying Firebreather. And this happens way too much, much more often than in DKII, and not only with dying/dead units, but with alive as well.

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Hi ZzZombo,

First of all, dead units/corpses cannot be picked up by the hand of evil, so instead as you can see in your screenshot, the hand found the nearest selectable minion (in this case the dying firebreather) that you're about to pickup. Which is highlighted to make it as clear as possible. Therefore this isn't a bug, as the pick up selection is working as intended.

Considering that you were trying to pick up something that you can't pick up and the unit highlighting makes it very clear which unit is about to be picked up, and in this case it was just a miscommunication that you cannot pick up dead units, i'll have to decline this ticket bug (as it's not a bug) but you are more than welcome to start a thread on the suggestions forum about changing the position of the selection area in relation to the hand of evil model and see if there is support from the community which may persuade the devs to consider changing it if you think that is an issue.

- Nutter

Hm? You still can't pickup dying creatures, so why would they have priority over corpses? It makes checking who died a tremendous task unnecessarily.


The answer is quite simple: Dying minions can be rescued by your workers, which either will bring them to your lair (if they are your own minions) or into your prison (if they are enemy minions).

Dead creatures, however, can only be used to raise ghouls, which are much weaker than living units. Therefore, unconscious/dying/KO'd minions have priority over corpses.