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My game is really stuttering in last mission of campaign, it also happens on larger maps when lots of units are moved. After casting kenos and killing first inhibitor, frame rate dropped below 1 fps. I've had all my units rallied at that time and some heroes attacking my dungeon core.

Game was ran on low graphic settings on dedicated nvidia 750m card. It seemed like it was CPU problem though. My output_log.txt is full of thrown exceptions.



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Lag stutter Heart of Gold level 2


I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but on the second level of the new Heart of Gold campaign, the lag has made the game absolutely impossible for me to play. It just gets worse and worse as time goes. I remember when WFTO first came out, it had a similar problem.

3930k 4.4ghz
GTX 780
32gb RAM
Windows 10
Certainly isn't my pc.

I'm guessing the game still has unfound memory leaks?

What's going on?

Jan - Eric Merzel
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Hello Piotr.

Please check if the game is using your dedicated graphic card instead of the integrated INtel HD card.

please read this topic :

i will complete this issue now, feel free to come back if that did not solve your issue

Jan - Eric Merzel
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i will send you log to the coders thanks for your report