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Porkzilla Does No Damage

Ultralazuli 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9
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    • 64bit
    • 32 GB DDR3 RAM
      • AMD A8 6600 Quad Core @ 4.2 GHz
      • nVidia GeForce 1070 @ 8 GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Currently 1.6.1
  • On the Pet Dungeon Map, Lockshackle, I just rescued Porkzilla, and he doesn't do any damage. I see that he shoots some sort of eye beam projectile in combat, but it doesn't seem to do anything. No idea if it reduces armor or if it's performing as intended and doing something else on hit, but if he shoots a portcullis in this level, it does zero damage.

  • No idea what kind of troubleshooting steps I could take here.

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Hey Ultralazuli,

That sounds pretty strange, Porkzilla definitely should do damage. Could you attach a save game with this issue?

It might also be worth getting your output log, there is a section in our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket guide that will show you where to find it.

I'll have a play of that level myself and see if I can reproduce.

In terms of saves, I'm not sure which one to pick here. The save I made, I gave some bullshit dsfg name or something. I see a couple from lockshackle, but I don't know if those are it, or if you want the .meta one or not.

If you want the output log, here you go.output_log.txt

So in the folder they are always just the map name with an ID after. So it would be the lockshale file in this case. I will also need the .meta file. Without it the save wont work.

Unfortunately the output log doesn't contain any answers.

I noticed that it does damage to defenses and creatures in a certain area around the target, and pretty decent damage, I must say. But not to the target itself.

However, I thought it's intentional, since it's not an ordinary creature.


I've confirmed that Pigzilla cannot deal damage to any enemy defences. We'll have a look at the unit and see if we can workout what the cause is.

Completed - Next Patch

So it turns out the Fireball had a strange configuration on it. The unit was originally a placeholder for the Survival mode prototype to I'm honestly surprised this is the only issue we've had. 

We've corrected this now, expect the next update to contain the fix, until then make sure Porkzilla has a helper for when he gets to a door ;)

Completed - Resolved

Should now be fixed, let us know if it's not