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Units ignore rally flag, ghouls fight each other

Megan Pallante 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 3 years ago 9

Windows 7 64bit
8GB RAM Intel Core i7-4810MQ CPU
Nvidia Quadro k1100m

Version 1.6.1.

Level 8 of the campaign, Desecration, at the small crypt on the lower right side of the dungeon. Once entering that room, my units stopped responding to my rally flag. I could not pick them up and move them because of the level, so I possessed one of the necromancers, banded the others to me, and lead them out of the room. This got most of the units out and they began responding to the rally flag again. However, there were three ghouls who were all fighting each other, still in the room. They were all my units, so I'm not sure why they were fighting. They slowly followed the flag, fighting the entire time. I'm not sure if they eventually stopped fighting or if they died, as I did not see them fighting after about 10 minutes. I thought it was very unusual.


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Sadly, I have never reported a bug in a game before so I did not know about output logs. I closed the game before obtaining one.

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Hey Megan,

Thanks for the report! Don't fret about the lack of an output log, it's helpful but we can work around not having it. If you haven't played the game since this issue then it is possible that it will still be in the game directory; it might be worth having a look.

So it looks like you are experiencing multiple issue right now. First of all the units stopped responding to your rally flag, could you elaborate on this a bit, were they still following it and not attacking? Were they stuck in place and no longer moving?

The second issue is the Ghouls that are somehow rebelling (This happens when the unit cannot satisfy it's needs for an extended period of time). This is incredibly strange for two main reasons: 

  • Friendly units on this level should have needs suspended
  • Ghouls should not have need

To have both this rules broken is quite incredible. What I think is happening is that something breaks horribly when you use possession mode due to the strange setup of the level. Since 1.6 players have been using possession much more since we improved it. I'll comb through the level scripts with one of the developers and see if we can narrow down where the scripts fall over. 

Just as an aside your GPU is below minimum spec, so you may start to have performance issues in the later levels, you may be able to combat this by playing in a lower resolution.

Hi Cian!

Thanks for you response. Here is what happened:

  1. I put a rally flag in the bottom right room, which all of my units then entered. I cannot remember exactly the number of units I had, but it was a large number especially for a small room.
  2. I defeated the enemies here and opened the crypt
  3. I placed my rally flag in the bottom corridor to the left side of the level, within one screen from the room
  4. My units did not seem to respond to the rally flag at all. They were milling about the room as if they had no orders. None of them left the room on their own at any point. It appeared as if they all had free movement as they did not seem to be physically impeded in any one and continued moving around, but when I placed the rally flag they did not respond and no one exited the room.
  5. I possessed a necromancer and while in possession grouped the other necromancers to me.
  6. In possession, I walked out of the room and a good portion down the bottom hallway towards the left of the level. 
  7. The grouped necromancers followed me out of the room, and their paired ghouls followed them. Most of my units exited the room, though there was a bit of a bottleneck as it was a large number of units. The special ghosts of the enemy in this level also seemed to leave the room at this point, but I do not think that I grouped them to my possessed necromancer. This might suggest that once the room was not as crowded, they were able to respond to the rally flag but I am not certain.
  8. I left possession mode and the units seemed to respond as normal to my commands and the rally flag once they were out of the room. Using the flag, I began to move my units towards the left side of the level.
  9. After my units had left the room, I noticed three ghouls were still in there. I scrolled over and saw that they were all fighting one another.
  10. All three fighting ghouls were very slowly moving towards the bottom exit of the room, but they did not stop fighting at any point. 
  11. Because they were unresponsive, I ignored the ghouls and continued progressing on the level with the rest of my units.
  12. I moved my units to the far left vertical corridor, opening crypts as defeating enemies room by room. 
  13. The ghouls continued to fight while moving through the bottom corridor toward the very far left side of the level. Their movement seemed to indicate that they were attempting to respond to the rally flag, as they were about halfway across the bottom corridor at this point, but they were engaged in battle. So it would seem that they did follow the flag but progressed extremely slowly due to fighting.
  14. After I got about halfway up the left vertical corridor, I checked on the ghouls. There were now only two now. I presume one of them died but I am not sure. The remaining two were still fighting one another, and they were in the far left bottom corner of the map some distance from my other units. It was clear now that the ghouls movements were following the direction of my other units and/or my rally flag, but again they did not stop fighting at any point.
  15. I continued progressing in the level. Eventually I noticed that the ghouls were gone. There were no stray units on the map and all units from that point on responded normally to my rally flag. I am not sure if the ghouls had
    1. all died
    2. all died except one, who then rejoined my units.
  16. I completed the level normally.

I did also experience some lag when there was a large number of units on screen. I do not recall if I encountered that in the bottom right crypt room, but if my memory serves I do not think I encountered it except for the large rooms toward the end.

I hope that this information has been useful! If there is anything else I can add, please let me know!

And yes, I play with a very low resolution sadly. But all in all, the game is worth it to me! This is a really fun game and I appreciate all of your teams support and work!


Thanks for the incredibly detailed response Megan!

We are investigating this internally and you account of the issue will be incredibly helpful. 

We're you able to complete this level? If not, press Scroll Lock and type "WinLevel" into the box that will open. This will let you pass the level if the bug prevents you from doing so.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the game bug free, if you have any other issues let us know and we will give you a hand.

I was able to pass the level, thank you! I will keep that in mind if I encounter issues in the future. Good luck with the bug testing. I feel like I have helped one of my favorite games, so I'm pretty happy about that! 


You definitely have gotten the ball rolling ;)

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Also having this issue, the units also do not seem to want to open the crypts to get more ghouls, in attempting to do so my entire fleet turned on eachother and I lost the level. The mechanics really need some work on this level I think 

This ticket is extremely old and was previously resolved. I see you've raised a separate ticket so I'll respond there :)