Map view missing in home realm after level 8

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After returning to the home realm on completing level 8, the map view was black. I had UI, but could not move the camera. The game appeared to function as normal though.

Here is a screenshot of the issue.

Image 3062

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Hey dartigen,

Have you been able to successfully load Home Realm since completing level 8? Does restarting the game help?

Could I get you to attach your output log for the session? if read our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket guide you can find the directory for said log.


Restarting the game fixed the issue, yes, and it hasn't happened again.

I have looked for the output log, but it looks like it's been modified since the session in which this happened. I've attached it anyway - the session should be from the 9th of May. output_log.txt

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Ah well if it's changed then there's not much we can do. If it happens again then try to grab the log immediately and link it on this ticket.

Until then I'll mark the ticket as complete. I'm really sorry that you had this issue, hopefully you don't experience it again.