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Workers explode

shipwack 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

Windows 10 Home (64 bit OS), Intel i7 4790K CPU @ 4GHz, 32 GB of ram, NVidia GeGorce GTX 97 v1.6f12 First dungeon, not much built. My workers keep exploding in the dungeon heart before doing any work.

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I can't open whatever format that video is in. But are you sure that the effect you're seeing isn't the VFX of their teleport ability? High level works can teleport and they appear in a burst of colour (similar to when they are spawned by Summon Worker if I remember correctly) so is it possible it could be that?

It's a save file judging by the filename. Awakening is the very first level of the main campaign.

It's useless without the associated .META file though.

Hey shipwack,

Could you please find the .meta part of your save file. in your case it should be called "1 awakening_20170507120924.meta". If you send that over then we can take a look at you issue, but I think Nutter is right, you are just seeing the teleport VFX

Hey shipwack,

Unless we get the above file soon we wont be able to look into this further and will have to close the ticket. Let us know if you need anymore help getting the file to us.

Completed - Resolved

Hey shipwack,

Due to a lack of response we are going to close the ticket as we cannot follow this further. If you post back here we can reopen the ticket.