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Battle Music, My Pet Dungeon

Targ Collective 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7

In My Pet Dungeon Level Two (Goldrust), once the battle music begins it is constant until reload even when battle ends.

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Hey Targ,

I'm trying to reproduce this issue but the music seems to end fine for me. Could you give me a savegame and output log of a session where you have had this issue?

I don't know how to get an output log. It fixes itself on reload. 'Constant until reload', I did say.

I've reproduced this bug; it seems to only occur with the battle music where the game expects you to fail. First thing I did was scout everywhee, second thing was summon the Archon as my only unit, third was take out the Hero Army with that one unit. They were mostly level four at that point. A savegame would be useless for reproducing, as by that point the heroes would be long gone, unless the save remembers the music tracks, triggers and durations - does it?

(Course I was using Possession on the Archon, it would have perished otherwise. :) )

Our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket explains where to find the output log. The save game would still be useful as it does store that data.

*nods* Okay, I shoud be able to reproduce this one.

Were you able to reproduce? If not we may have to close the ticket

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