Bejeweled Achievement (The Kenos Lv 10)

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On this level map, I've actually only had one issue with it.

I've been working my way through all the achievements of the whole game, as I love the hell out of both DK2 and WFTO is more than an excellent spiritual successor.

But, I have to have played this map at least 10 times.

About 4 of those times, i've made it under the 30 minute mark for the achievement Bejeweled. (Complete Level 10 in under 30 minutes). Damn me for being stupid enough not to screen it but I will if need be, haha. I just need to do it *again*.

I have gotten as low as 28 minutes, and a few instances of 29 minutes. Other achievements have worked perfectly in the same gaming session, ONLY that achievement isn't triggering. I just recently beat 11 (Mira's domain) and got the Speed and Keeper achievement no problem. Thinking it was just a mistake, I went back to 10, and got 29 minutes just now less than 30 mins or so ago and still no achievement proc.

I know it's a minor thing, but if this can be resolved I would adore that. I'm a bit of a completionist, and it not being filled out will bug me (no pun intended) until the end of time.

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It was sort of an easy thing to resolve as it was just confirmation it was going to come out soon with a hotfix, but the best part was just how fast it was. It was confirmed it would be fixed, and as long as the hotfix delivers and I dont have to do the map another 10 times, I'll be more than happy.

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Hey derpy,

This is something that will actually be fixed with the hotfix that is coming out in the next few days. I'm really sorry that you've wasted so much time trying to get the achievement, but that should mean that it'll be a breeze when the fix is out


Ah, i'm glad to hear! I eagerly await that hotfix.

And yeah, it's no problem. At this point in time I can manage it in 1-2 tries like clockwork, just wanted to make sure I could get it. At least the game is fun enough that it won't be too frustrating, lol.

I will say though, I will hopefully never touch Level 10 again though after this... urgh. I've had it up to here with rushing Arcanists.

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