Latest Game Update: Missing File Privileges

HALEY 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

My game keeps trying to update via Steam, but the update keeps pausing due to "Missing File Privileges". Any ideas on how to fix this please?

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This seems to be a Windows 10 Issue. I would recommend following this guide here : http://windowsreport.com/steam-errors-windows-10/

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\temp\230190

I'm the system admin and it says I don't have permission to get rid of this file.

It appears that this file is the source of the issue.

Followed all the instructions and options, nothing changed.

Uninstalled the game, when I try to reinstall the error is with the above file.


I'm sorry, this is a Steam issue. Beyond the above steps theres nothing we can do. I recommend contacting Steam support

They are the ones that sent me here!!!

I'm sorry but Steam is a black box for us. We pass the build of the game to Steam and they handle it from there, we don't have any influence on the update process or any errors.