Stone knight after death not leaves gold

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If you put the sarcophagus of a stone knight in the map editor, the stone knight after death will not leave a pile of gold (unlike sentinels).

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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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That's intended behaviour due to them being made of stone rather than solid gold.


In the second level of "My pet dungeon" there is an Area with a lot of a stone knight sarcophagus. After death, these stone knights leave a pile of gold (5000), in the same way as sentinels.

I am waiting for the response of any other representative of Brightrock Games, more competent and less biased, than Nutter.


Gold Sentinels owned by Empire using the Magnanimous theme look like Stone Knights.

This is just a quirk of the theme

Josh Bishop

Hi Ontos,

Could you please refrain from being rude to Nutter - he's only here to help :)

He and Cian are correct. This is entirely by design.


To clarify (although I believe Cian has already attempted to tell you on Discord), if you would like the same effect you can achieve it by setting the Empire theme to the Magnanimous theme and using (Gold) Sentinels as normal, the Magnamimous theme will make them appear as Stone Knights but they will work like Sentinels (and still drop 5k Gold)