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Workers not collecting gold or picking up some KO'd units to take to prison in Home realm

Zend Blaze 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4

as the header says for some reason the little workers dont want to pick up the shiny gold that litters the floor in the home realm after either mining it from the gold shrine, gold statues from blood money or dropped from empire units(i have this glorious game on steam)

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Hey Zend Blaze,

I will attempt to replicate and pin down which part of the worker behaviour is failing. Feel free to post a comment if you can recall any more relevant info

ive only had it happen when ive made a really big dungeon, even dropping spirit worker potions directly ontop of them does nothing

It's likely they are not being added to the work pool so workers don't understand that they should pick them up

Completed - Resolved

This should have improved in the last patch, let us know if it's still an issue.