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Linux UI crashes in-game

Fiddlebog 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 6

I have been having an issue where after playing a game for 20 minutes or so the GUI crashes. Sometimes it is unresponsive, sometimes it disappears completely. This also includes hitting ESC to go to the menu, which will pause the game, but not change anything visually. I am running Linux Mint Rafaela.
I have only beaten the first level of the campaign and would really like to continue; this game seems quite interesting.

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Hey Fiddlebog,

I'm sorry to hear that that you're experiencing this issue. Could you follow your help guide Missing, Invisible or Laggy UI and report back after following the steps.

I am not running Windows so that doesn't help me. Those solutions only work for Windows machines, the files it tells me to download are .exe

I recommend the following guide: Here

Let us know how it goes after following the steps

Completed - Resolved

We will assume this is now fixed due to the lack of reply, if this is not the case post back and we will reopen the ticket.

I switched to Ubuntu and haven't had any problems since.

Great to hear, let us know if you have any further issues