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Crash on level 7

loganjamesalex 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7

Every time I get to the end of level 7 no matter what graphics settings or if I totally restart the level, it suddenly crashes somewhere right near the end usually after I have killed enough enemies between 22-28min. I have tried verifying the cache, closing background apps, disabling steam overlay, restarting the level completely, etc . . . always crashes so bad it freezes up and windows asks if I want to wait for the program to respond.

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Oh yeah my PC is running CPU:AMD FX-4350 4.2GHz GPU:GTX 970

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Hi Loganjamesalex,

Sorry to hear about your issue with the game, we're happy to investigate further. To best help you we'll need a couple of things. Please read How to: Submit a Bug Ticket and include as much information as you can. In particular your output log would be most helpful and a save would be gret too!

Hope we can get you back in the game soon!



Somehow when I was trying to get you the log file (since I had been playing pet dungeon) it finally let me beat the level. I saved even more frequently than last time to try and get the save as close as possible and then it just never crashed. Weird part is I had turned the graphics to 100% and the steam overlay back on while playing my pet and it thats when it didnt crash. I have no idea honestly, I have done lots and lots of PC game troubleshooting over the years and I tried everything I could think of only for it to work after playing a level of my pet dungeon.

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It's good to hear that you managed to progress through the level, unfortunate that we can't get our hands on your log to double check but hopefully if it is the same as the previously reported one no one should experience it going into the future.

I'm going to mark this as completed- next patch but if you run into issues again please don't hesitate to get in touch we're always happy to help in whatever way we can!


I am stuck with the same crash. I join the log file.

By the way, my saves and restart of the level always lead to the crash. Around the time I've survived the wave.


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