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My Pet Dungeon Level 2

Psytoshgen 6 years ago updated by Warren Marris 5 years ago 5

Quest to receive 3 artefacts isn't working, looks like you need high level workers to teleport to build outpost, but nothing happens, I got lvl10 normal workers (not spirit), tried to use possession and teleport by myself. Nothing works there.
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Yes, thank you, I've already found solution... but any way, maybe workers need to be able to teleport over 1 cell to outpost (rhetorical question)?

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Not a Bug

You just need to think outside the box. I can tell you how or you can try to figure it out


Chasms are 100% impassable by walking unit by design, it would likely cause many issues in already built maps to change this

Sorry so how does it work I've tried using a level 10 imp and the teleport ability with and without outpost whilst in possession mod

outpost+build ritual (never used this ritual before

I am seriously struggling here too... I can reach the mana shrine using the Outpost /Construction ritual... BUT not the artifacts, Please can someone help!