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WTO crashes after splash screen.

jck2381 6 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 6 years ago 6

Hi there.

My game crashes after the splash screen appears however I am not making use of any wireless headset. Crash report I have added the crash report.

Game Version:
Steam Public
Pending Customer

Hi Jck2381

Can you also upload your system specs? This guide will help you,


Sure here are my specs.

  • OS = Windows
  • Version = 10
  • 64bit
    • Ram = 16GB HyperX Fury 1600
    • CPU = Core I3 3.7GHz
    • GPU = GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960, 4GB

Hey Jck2381,

Can you please upload your output_log.txt file?

The guide Nutter linked will tell you where to find it.

Ok this is just getting pathetic now. Look in my first post there is a crash report attached. There is no output_log.txt file either. I have attached a screen shot of what happens immediately after launching the game and in addition the crash.dmp file and the error log file. I am giving you 24 hours to respond with a fix for this or else I will be requesting a refund from Steam. Capture.PNG error.log crash.dmp

I'm really sorry jck2381, but the output_log.txt and error.log give different information. It should be in the folder next to the error.log, here.

Without that my first recommendation would be to read and follow the General Crash Troubleshooting. This consists of fairly broad steps that might help you.