Bought today but where is the product code?

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I bought WFTO from Eb Games today,

I run setup and steam asks for the product code but I can't find it on the DVD and its not inside the case.

Where should I find the product code?

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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Hi Sophie,

Sorry to hear that your game came without a product code. This is due to a fault made on behalf of the manufacturer for the Australian market, copies missing product codes were delivered to a number of Australian retailers but all should have been recalled and replaced in April/May 2015.

I'm truly sorry that there's not much I can do to help you in this regard, the physical copies were distributed by our physical publishing partner and we didn't have much of a hand in their production nor can we really support issues with them.

Best advice I can offer is to return to the store advise them of this fact and ask for a full refund or see if they have copies which do have codes, my understanding of the situation was that they were meant to check and return faulty copies.

Please let me know how you get on.

Best of luck,