Imperial beings (characters in campaign) not put own a bed

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Check out the video. 9 neutral creatures of the Empire became mine. 6 of them - heroes of the campaign (especially the shield above the head). They do not use the lair, and not put the bed (even if they was on the map at once).

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Give them the ability to put itself to bed. But don't let the need for sleep. Then the bosses will not die as beast.

It's logical! They are also reasonable beings.

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I don't think it's a bug. It's always been like that, unique heroes don't use beds.

Rational beings differ from the beasts that die immediately, - beginning to lose consciousness, you can revive in his native lair, or be sent to prison. If no bed - unit will die, as beast.

Here they explained that unique heroes don't have any needs other than gold. Looks like they work in the same way as golden sentinels.


Old Cat is correct, boss units only have gold needs


After some discussion this morning we have decided that giving Empire Boss units the ability to place beds and use them in the same way as a vampire could be possible. However we are unsure of whether this will be in the game in time for 1.6.

In future Ontos, tickets like this would be better as suggestion tickets. Bug tickets are only for something that isn't working as intended, so if the game design states that these characters shouldn't have beds then I will be forced to close the ticket. Suggestion tickets mean that I can start to talk to the designers about the changes that players want.

Thank you. I would have posted as suggestions. But until now, no have detailed wiki on the game. I don't know exactly what bug and what is feature.

That's fine, we will make an exception. Please in future make a forum post


This has been fixed for empire units in the map editor but not for the campaign