Win32 IO Startup Crash

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Satisfaction mark by Craig McDormand (Mental1082) 7 years ago

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Hey Craig,

Are you able to open the game at all?

Please read our How to: Submit a Bug Ticket guide.


Wow, awesome response time :)... I typed up a full bug report but for some reason only the title submitted. I'll type it up again in the reply.

Windows 10

Intel I7

16gb RAM

Nvidia 970

I'm recieving the the following error during the initial startup of the game:

And here are the Log and options files:

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt



This is the second time I've run across this error. Deleting the options file and restarting the game fixes the error. I've been able to open and run the game numerous times without changing any of the settings prior to the crash happening.

As i'm able to fix the issue on my own I do not require a direct response, I'm posting more for your own internal information. Feel free to contact me if you need anything further.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager

Thanks for that detailed response and glad to hear the issue is resolvable on your side.

We'll pass this on to the code team on Monday and we should be able to create a knowledge base article in case anyone is suffering from the same issue.

For some extra details:

You mentioned this isn't the first time you've had this issue? When you previously suffered from it was it on this patch or previous?

When you fix the issue does it remain fixed for a length of time or do you have to fix it on every start?

Did this issue start again following patches such as 1.5.2 last week or 1.5.1 last month


Both patches. The issues appears to go away until the next random time it happens. The only adverse condition appears to be simply setting up the graphics options again.

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win32 IO returned 1224

This is a core Windows issue related to a file being open in another process while Unity attempts to access it. Running the game as an Administrator should help, or as you already know you can delete the file and let the game generate a new one.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to directly fix this as we can't replicate ourselves. We will however accept this ticket and create a knowledge base article to outline a workaround.


Write knowledge-base article on how to correct

  • Completed - Resolved