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Vortex and flying gold pile

Old Cat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 5

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My vault was almost full, and when a worker tried to teleport gold into it, there wasn't enough space, so part of his gold transported, and part of it remained above the chasm. Later I picked up the pile manually and dropped into my vault, but its image remained there forever. It even remains there after loading save.



You will need this map to load the save.

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Steam Public

Thanks for the report we will start investigating.

I could replicate that.
I assume that when theres a Gold Tile near chasm and gets mined, by very efficent workers (tested with lvl 10 worker), with full amount of gold in your vault. Perhaps the dirt tile beside it should be still intact or on both sides chasm.

- get some lvl 10 Workers (got 35)

- mine Gold tiles beside Chasm

- have a full vault

(- dont look at them)

Completed - Resolved