Heroes portal doesn't work correctly when used by underlords (?)

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There is a map in steam workshop where you fight against usual underlord creatures by using hero gates. You are able to capture hero gates, and they spawn heroes for you depending on rooms you have.

So I feel like in such cases heroes portals work incorrectly. For example:

1) I got one singe bard after building a tavern. Why only one? Why tavern doesn't show how many bards it can attract? Was it actually tavern, or it's just a coincidence, and bards are spawned no matter what? There is no information about it.

2) Gates shows arcanists as available units after I built sanctuary and archive. Yet I still don't have a single one.

3) After building foundry the gates show vanguards and wardens as available. Yet I only get vanguards.

All other heroes spawned when you expect them to, ie Arena leads to huntresses. But looks like arcanists, wardens and highguards never spawn, even though gates show them as available units.

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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hi OldCat,

Most of the missing units (Bard, Arcanist and Highguard) are considered hidden "super" units for the empire and require an extra thing to be attracted, which for the sake of this ticket i'll spoil (they also required a considerable sized vault full of gold). Obviously because of that they are also limited to 1 per faction.

Wardens should be able to spawn immediately though as far as I know, we'll check it out.

Old Cat

I see, thanks for the explanation :)

Indeed, once I built much bigger vault, I got all "missing" heroes, including Warden.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
  • Not a Bug

Glad to hear it, sounds like it's working as intended then so I'll make this as not a bug.

Thanks for the report.