Witch Doctors spawning from Overworld Gateways

Kaiosama TLJ 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

Title says it all. I've played a map that had only Overworld Gateways and when I've build a Spirit Chamber I've got some Witch Doctors in my dungeon.

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Working as intended, I think. Witchdoctors are kinda special in that they have no Imperial equivalent, so the Overworld gateway spawns some for you if you build a spirit chamber (should be the same thing with the Beastmaster).

That's odd, when I builded an arena (two 5X5 actually) in the same map there were no Beastmasters coming out of the Gateway.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.


What Fireeye says is correct, this is due to the Empire not having a Witch Doctor equivalent to spawn instead.

also @Kaiosama the huntress is the mirrored unit for the beastmaster and will train your beasts in the arena.

Wait, what? That's odd, because I've attracted huntresses without building an single arena, and when I've builded them much later they didn't train my beasts.

Actually, when I've builded a Barracks it's when they started to appear, I've builded a 7x5 Barracks and managed to attract 7 templars and 3 huntresses at the start if I'm not mistaken.

ill gladly check with design on that. i may be wrong (though its unlikely (as it should be) this stuff happens) in this case we will investigate if the huntress is a bug

I decided to run a little test after reading your initial response and I hope this info is useful.

For my test I played the official map Flood and picked up Prophecy early to monitor the Empire. Since there's no pre-deployed heroes, no Arenas and 4 5x5 Barracks (2 on each side) in their strongholds it would be easy to confirm if the Barracks were spawning them or not. Turns out this is the case, there were some huntresses being attracted to this map.

Also, apparently I'm not the only one who noticed this about huntresses: https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/my-first-map-turncoats-build-a-hero-army.9951/

P.S.: I've discovered a glitch about the map Flood. For some reason the Inns in the Empire strongholds are missing some props, despite been perfectly 5x5.