Not a Bug

level 3 portal gems earned but not awarded

Rawhide 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4

i beat it in 14 min but did not trigger the unlock i had to do it in 12

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Steam Public

i just realized it was a 3 as in 13 min i could have sworn it was a 5 lol

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Hey Rawhide,

I've just had a look at this now and was able to get the achievement. Are you saying that you finished it in 13 minutes exactly and didn't get the achievement?

I think his second comment is saying he was mistaken about the timing, and completed it in 14 minutes (and thought the target time was 15 minutes) and the target time is 13 minutes. In which case this isn't a bug and is simply user error.

Can you confirm Rawhide?

Not a Bug

I think it's clear that Rawhide misunderstood the achievement.

If this is not the case Rawhide we will reopen the ticket.