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crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt

Pls Help me always when i start a lvl (Campange) after 1/2 Mins broke up when im Looking for what there is a bug Report.


The game crashed.

The crash report folder named "2017-01-08_120518" next to game executable.

It would be great if u'd send it to the developer of the game.

My Pc have :

Intel Core i7-3770

8,00 GB Ram

AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

64 Bit Windows 7

i dont know why i cant play this game i pay it to day and im really dissapointed about that..

i want to play !!! i hope u can help me

Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hey RiiNO1337,

I'm sorry to here about your issue, the fastest way to fix this would be for you to have a look through the General Crash Troubleshooting guide if you haven't already. Otherwise Startup Crashes may be of some help.

Please get back to me ASAP after following the steps in those two guides. If you have any additional crash logs those would be of use to us so we can pin down the exact issue.

Currently we suspect that it is an issue in memory, possibly related to audio devices: Do you have a wireless headset?




Hello Cian,

Thanks for the fast anwser for sure i checked all of these things before i write the Report here..

Its always the same

I sart the Campange lvl 2 play 2/3 mins and then stop.

I took a picture of that IMG-20170109-WA0019.jpg

On this position and then when i look for the reason it come


The Game crashed...

i dont know i checked everything on this and other Forums and yea i have no idea anymore so hopefully u can help me




I can send the files again with the crashlogs

output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp

In Steamapps common wtfo

After stop the game is a folder

with the name of the error


And there are this files.


I have noticed that your version of DirectX is about 10 years old. This is the most likely cause of the issue, I have attached the newest version for Windows 7 here:


Alternatively you can download it yourself direct from Microsoft here


Nothing Changes... :(

I downloading it and my pc say " Its the newest Version there"

Same Error..

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hey RiiNO1337, as you've just bought the game recently i've got another suggestion to try.

It's possible that steam didn't download all of the files for the game when you initially installed the game which could be causing the crash. It's a shot in the dark but we can find out if that is the case if you verify the game cache.

You can do that by right clicking the game (in the steam library), clicking properties, then the local files tab in the properties window, and finally clicking the "verify integrity of game cache" button. Steam should then do it automatically and if there are any missing files it will download them for you.

Let us know if that resolves the issue, if not we'll try and figure out what else it could be.


I think its working played 1 hour without break up

really thank you for ur time and ur support

Im happy now

Again much thanks

Andrew and Cian :)

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