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Screen flickering

Emmoth 6 years ago updated by Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar 6 years ago 4

I just bought this on the Steam vinter sale and when I started teh game the screen was flickering. The only thing I cán see it the background everything else is flickering about as soon as I move the mouse.

Game version, don't know can't see it due to the flickering, but I think it's 1.5 something

Windows 10

GPU: Skylake 6700K


GPU: Geforce 1070


Game Version:
Steam Public
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Sorry to hear that Emmoth. I'm struggling to think what could be the cause of that especially on your system.

Also what kind of flickering are we talking here? When you say you can see the background what do you mean? Can you take a screenshot or a video? If you're unable to get either due to the flickering perhaps you could use your phone to record a video and upload it to us?

Some things you could try would be:

  1. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  2. Try using the Nvidia control panel to force Vsync in the game
  3. Play around with the D3D settings as described in Missing, Invisible or Laggy U

Let me know how you get on, we're currently on Xmas leave at the moment so it might be difficult to resolve your issue but I'll keep my eye out for your reply.

Will do that tomorrow since I live in Sweden and we celebrating Christmas to day :)

Hmm don't know what was wrong but the update that I ionstalled today fixed the issue :)

Completed - Resolved

Glad to hear that the issue resolved itself even if we're not quite sure how, i'll mark this ticket as completed but if you have any more problems feel free to make another ticket and we'll help you out :)