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Low priority: Subtitles in opening and ending scenes

BlackBeard San 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 9

it is normal that during the opening and ending scenes no subtitles are displayed?

To know the history, I think it's very important for those who do not know English.

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Already on our "To Do" list. Unfortunately Unity makes this difficult at the moment because video support is not built in. However we're aware this is a planned feature for Unity 5.6 so that should make it much easier!

That's great news!

I can't wait!


Could you provide the community the English text (subtitles on video)? We have a desire to make and publish the translation for the community (for understanding).

Looking at some options on that will keep you posted.

Completed - Next Patch

Hey everyone!

We've managed to get a very nice solution in that is fully translatable in the normal way. There will be a system in the GameText.csv that allows you to change the time that a line is on screen for, what the line says and even create new lines(You can have as many as you want so long as their total display time matches that of the video).

This should be a complete solution for subtitles on all game cutscenes, expect it to release with the next patch with the translation files releasing shortly before.

Brilliant work !

Thank you for your effort.

Completed - Resolved

wow great new, GJ guys :D