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Cannot complete level 7

Sam Gecko 6 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 6 years ago 7

After killing every enemy nothing more happens. The output log is flooded with System.NullReferenceException Errors. 7 kernschmelze_20161214173634.meta output_log.txt 7 kernschmelze_20161214173634

Game Version:
Steam Public

Hi Samband

Thanks for the report Nd the output_log, that can help s lot.

I just want to ask if the "Kernschmelze" is the right savefile?

If not, could you please check if you still have the savefile and upload it again.

thank you

Yes Kernschmelze is the right one.

Hello = ) And sorry that you encountered issue on the campaign : / I added many additional securities to C7 to prevent further scenario like yours. So on next hotfix, which shouldn't take long, playing again the level will without a doubt end properly. However I couldn't rescue the save game I'm afraid : /

THX, no problem to play this mission again after the next fix.