Dungeon Heart in Sandbox not centered

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I just noticed something. On the Empty Sandbox map, the Dungeon Heart is not centered in the map. It has to be moved one Tile down to be perfectly in the center.

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Steam Public
Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
  • Not a Bug

Hi Lordfwahfnah,

Ouch that's quite the eagle eye you have, unfortunately we're not going to jump in and fix that one even though I'm sure it would irritate the OCD in many of the team. One might say it's a feature rather than a bug, or by design, who knows we made it so long ago I don't think anyone can remember if we intended it or not! :)

Still if you'd like to create a "Centered" Hollow map and upload it for the workshop for other people who have similar attention to detail to enjoy we certainly won't stop you! :D