Map Editor: Can't change name of map

Noah Hunteil Holweck 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 5

Created a test map in map editor... I published it locally to play test it. After getting a sense of what I wanted to make. I realized I couldn't change the map name in anyway. But when you publish the map to the local, it allows you to change name there... But even after publishing locally, the map name remains the same. And what ever name I did give it is no where to be seen.

I'm thinking this feature is broke?

I'd like to post my map to the steam servers, but I don't want it saying the random name it is now.

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Use the Import Map function to re-import your (wrongly named) map as a map you want to edit it and it should let you re-name it (properly) there and use that name when re-exported.

Let me know if that's what you're looking for :)

I went to do this and it said the name was already in use...

I'm guessing when I tried to publish as such, the file name is the name I tried to use, but the visual name is different?

I was able to reproduce this one.

Map Name changes directly made in Workshop don't take effect in Game.

Map Name changes made in the editor while publishing don't take effect either.

Anyways, reimporting the Map and newly ipublishing it worked for me.

But I think the other ways of changing the map name (namely changing the name while publishing in Editor or changing the name while in workshop) SHOULD definitely work, so this is a bug in my opinion.