HoG level 4 - conversations are strange

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At HoG level 4, when Coleem is dead and Saffire survived,

conversations are played in the following order.

I could have stayed across the ocean where I was born ... But I wouldn't have missed this for le monde!

I could have stayed across that ocean as well, my son ... But it pays not to linger on these things ...

Lord Loa seems a dab hand at manufacturing Stone Knights. Dispatch him, and halt production.

Oh- Er- Nothing dear. I simply said that I couldn't have staved off my devotion to you for any longer ... You know, when I travelled the seas ...

But, I think [3]dlc1_campaign4_narrator_line14a is mistake.

What was that, husband? Thou could have stayed where?

is correct, I guess.


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I sincerely appreciate your swift action.Best regards.

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Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Hi Policeofficer, it does look like something got out of order there and you're probably right about line 14a being the correct one.

I'll pass this through and i'm sure the code team can figure it out.

Thanks for the report.

Tim White

Hi policeofficer110, thanks for the bug report. You are quite right - it should be playing line "dlc1_campaign4_duchess_line14a" instead of "dlc1_campaign4_narrator_line14a", and I have reproduced the issue myself. We will investigate.

Tim White
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Tim White

Now fixed on internal branch. Fix should hopefully go out in the next patch. Thanks again for letting us know about this

Tim White
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Lee "Noontide" Moon
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