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Stuck creatures

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From this topic: http://steamcommunity.com/app/230190/discussions/0/276237094323112746/

First i'll start with the stuck units issue as I don't have an output file for the cursor/potion stuck bug yet, while the other happeneed to me again two days ago. The next time that happens i'll save the needed files for that too.

Output + Dxdiag: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12627841/WFTO%20Output%20%2B%20dxdiag.zip

Specify your platform: see Dx diag file

Specify the build you are using: see output file (game was updated today now it has another version in the main menu)

Include as much information as possible (what map you were on, screenshots, videos, etc): Ashefell, but when it happens it can happen in any map. Some units just come out from the portal stuck, no matter what you do or where you place them, they will stand still at lvl1 doing nothing. Screenshot wouldn't help much you'd see a creature looking at you and nothing else.

I can upload it anyway if really needed the next time I encounter this behaviour.

Include an output log, crash report or launcher log as required (see below for info): output file client and host attached

Specify any troubleshooting steps you've already undertaken: recycling stuck units thru portal sometimes gives unstuck units, sometimes not and they still stuck.

Search the Bug Tracker for any similar or identical open reports, if one exists comment there instead of opening a new ticket: I've searched around but didn't find anything like this, sorry if it's a doubled bug report. Let me know if you need something else. Thanks!

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Ah I was the client, bug happens always to me and I'm always client as it seems we have connection troubles when I host after a while, no idea why, I'm green at port checking tool.

I will make new bug reports for other bugs as required by guidelines.

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Tagging this for review when I'm back from sick leave, sorry for the slow response :(

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Hey, LoTeK_,

Could I get you to run a test at speedtest.net and share the results here if you are still having this issue?

Cannot Replicate

Due to the download link 404'ing and a lack of customer response I will have to close the ticket

I cant be bothered anymore for this. Link has been working for months while getting ignored and the best thing you came out with after that is a speedtest check...oh please. You dont even care about your own bugs, it's not the first time I have to deal with this tech support and I grown tired of your inconsistent and unprofessional replies (the AVG false positive case an year ago or something, still unresolved). We just gave a damn about this whole load of **** and went on something else. Congrats for the "bugfree" game (unplayable in multiplayer like the old keeper) and "working" tech support. You can do with the topic whatever you have to do to make you feel like you're doing something useful.

Patch-y Internet connections and our network architecture don't play well together, this can lead to all sorts strange issue when the client and host are unable to hold a decent connection. If we are unable to verify that you are able to hold a strong connection to the host we cannot continue to investigate.


Hi Lotek_

Just wanted to drop by and apologize for dropping the ball on this one, the failure to follow this report through in a timely manner lies entirely at my feet and I accept full responsibility for the sub-standard customer service we provided in the course of this ticket.

When we first received your report I was completely swamped with work on the upcoming Patch 1.5 and had fallen sick, during that time your ticket fell through the cracks and was only picked up when we brought Cian on in January. This is no excuse for the poor service you experienced here and we'll be sure to take this on as a key area to improve for the future.

Cian's initial response may have been a bit terse as well and I've talked to him about that, we didn't mean to fob this off as being purely connection related and I can confirm that Cian and a number of our QA volunteers have tried to replicate this issue without success, which suggests that some other changes could have addressed the issue.

However as Cian has noted this kind of issue can also be related to connection issues between the host and client, which unfortunately is very common with WFTO. All I can say is that we hope your issue is fixed and that if yo u have issues in the future please feel free to report them, and don't forget that you can upload files direct to user echo and they'll last an indefinite period of time.

Kind Regards,

Lee "Noontide" Moon

Community Manager

Brightrock Games