​Why do you love this game?​

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I Never Played the game,I just pick up new game-Overlords of war,can you tell me Why do you love this game?

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Biervampir [AUT]

I really do not understand how Overlords of war stands in relation with War for the Overworld.
Especially, that's the Bug Tracker Forum for War for the Overworld, you will get mostly Dev's and QA's (like me) respond to it, because we are here to help and troubleshoot problems for our Community and/or our Community helps us to fix the game.

I recommand to you, to look at the Steam Forum or Brightrock Forum and ask there.
But if you want, I can tell you here why I freaking love this game and what I love about beeing QA for Brightrockgames :3

Or do I get your text totally wrong, and you are asking why I love Overlords of war? (Because I just saw your Thread in the Off-Topic Area at the Brightrock Forums and it looks like advertisement, which is fine in the Off-Topic Area)

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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Declining and closing this ticket due to not being a bug. If you want to discuss the game, please use the communit forums to do so, this tracker is purely for reporting bugs.