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Second playthrough of the same map during MP without reboot causes numerous problems/errors

Cron 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 10

Previous Header: Workers stuck in "fortify" state for rest of the game after empire claims player tiles

I was playing this map with a friend yesterday: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758896333

Everything was working fine, workers were doing all stuff they are supposed to (including claiming empire tiles) until my minions were pushed back and empire started clamining my gateway and rooms. After that all my workers got stuck, when I mouseover them description says their activity is stuck at "Fortify" and they wont move for rest of the game. Dropping them somewhere else does nothing. All new workers also get stuck in "fortify" state. The only thing that worked was slapping them in direction of enemy tile. After few slaps to get them above enemy tile they will claim only this 1 tile and again get stuck.

I was unable to continue without workers doing anything so we tried replaying this map 4 times and it happened every time after empire claimed one of my rooms. Not sure if that matters but It was always pretty late into the game (almost all upgrades researched)

I tried destroing all walls or casting fortfy spell to make sure there is nothing for them to fortify, yet they were still stuck trying to "fortify" something.

Not sure if there is something wrong with the map itself or not becuse It never happened anywhere else. That bug happened client side, friend of mine who was hosting didnt complain so I guess he wasnt affected by this bug or didnt notice because it was mostly me being pushed back all the time.

I will post output log when I get home later today.

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Very Unusual indeed. I'll ask the QA Guys if they can give this map a go at some point. :)

This seems to be related to some heavy networking issues once there are alot minions on the map. There are more issues related to this like:

Half of the minions seem to bug out and players cant see what they are doing, they are just standing in one place doing nothnig, if I mousever them - description says they are doing something else which basically makes them invisible to client players while they still do their thing.

Workers stop doing half of the stuff they are supposed to. They stop building defences, sometimes they wont do anything at all. They only thing they dont have problem with is moving corpses.

Rooms get built messed up reporting incorrect number of props or even visual bugs showing one prop on top of another, and minions seem unable to use them.

Basically entire game gets out of sync for clients and everyone sees something else

All these bugs are only related to clients, host doesnt have these issues. Some of it happens pretty much every multiplayer game if map is big enough.

Friend of mine is hosting with 300mpbs upload so I doubt its bandwidth problem, unless wfto cant allocate and somehow limits it.

Everything works fine as game starts and gradually gets worse each minute game lasts.

It's a permanent de-synchronization issue then. Might not be a problem with the hosts internet connection, more likely it's the game causing the problem.. but if it's client only, wih the host not experiencing it.. it's gotta be the de-syncronisation causing it and the game being unable to ever catch up.

Ok, we figured out what is causing this issue. If i start WFTO and join multiplayer game, this first game is working perfeclty, I dont have any issues listed above.

However if we leave the game, my friend hosts same map again and we start playing it all issues listed above happen, and game becomes unplayable for clients

We have to restart entire game everytime we start new multiplayer map to avoid all these issues. Im not sure if its somehow memory related or what but its impossible to play second multiplayer game without restarting entire game client.

Amount of units on the map and game length dont make diffrence at all.

Title is misleading right now because it has nothing to do with empire or tiles :)


I'll update the title for you to something more appropriate.
Sorry this reply took so long.

I was able to reproduce a week ago, before we did a fix pass on the game, I couldn't reproduce since then So it should be fixed now = )