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Inactive/Non-Rallying intelligent troops - Mission 6, Campaign 1

globy12 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 7

In the mission 6 of the original campaign, where you must release the underlord's troops, the troops that you free do not do anything after they are released and fight in the general area in which you freed them from. They do not respond to rallys nor do they go to their assigned rooms. They just stand there with the activity being "-".

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Thanks for the info. Was just an annoying thing, I had to keep slapping them to do anything :)

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Also to note. The beasts rally just fine, it is just the other troops that do not do anything when freed.

Hello = ) I investigated the issue and found the reason :) Non-owned units in campaign use a "limiter" so that when they aren't visible they stop being updated. To improve performance. And those prisonners sadly still had their limiter even after being converted to your evil cause ; )

I fixed that and should be solved on the next patch ! Thanks for reporting the bug =) Cheers

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Updated the status for you Nano.